Thin Venner – Flat Red

Thin Venner – Desert Gold stone is produced from marble-stone Desert Gold after special processing.

The colors of the stone can be yellow, beige, white, brown-red and various other similar shades .

The pieces for straight surfaces is about 10-30cm and the pieces for corners have height 20-30cm and a length of about 10-30 cm.

Other names under which the product can be found in the market are rock face marble-stone Desert Gold, Building stone Desert Gold

Installation:Thin Venner – Desert Gold Stone is installed by using mud or cement, seamed or seamless.
Thin Venner – Desert Gold Stone can be used as covering in indoor and outdoor spaces such as stone walls, stone houses, stone flower beds, fences, building entrances, corners of stone columns, garden decoration etc.

Wooden pallet or Wooden box

Quantity per pallet:

Thickness: 3-5cm

Type of stone: Marble

Uses: Walling

Made in GREECE