Pebbles – Mesolakkia Sandstone

Pebbles – Mesolakkia Sandstone

Pebbles (Mesolakkia sandstone) are produced from Mesolakkia Rocks which is sandstone, after special processing by special machines – crushers and by the use of rotary bins. Can be use for landscaping and decoration.

Their color is brown- beige. Available in Dimensions 1-2 cm, 2-4cm, 4-8cm 8-13cm, and 13-25cm. Packing in Big Bag or Metal Cage or Plastic Bags.

Other names under which the product is available in the market are Sandstone Pebbles, Pebble Brown.

Pebbles Mesolakkia are used for pebbled floors, bedding, wall covering, landscaping, garden shaping and decoration.

Pebbled Floor.

To construct pebbled floor, we mix sand, cement, water and pebbles, and with this mixture we coat the pebbled floor, then before the mixture dry thoroughly with sponge and water we rub and clean the floor, until the black pebbles to appear and to achieve the anaglyph effect we desire.

Big Bag, Metal Cage, Plastic Bags, Bucket

1-2cm (3/8″x3/4″)
2-4cm (3/4″x1-1/2″)
4-8cm (1-1/2″x3″)
8-13cm (3″x5″)
13-25cm (5″x10″)

Type of stone: Sandstone

Uses: Landscaping, Decoration

Made in GREECE