Pebbles – Eretria Red

Pebbles – Eretria Red

Pebbles Eretria Red are produced from red marble after special processing.

Their color is red and other shades of red.

The pebbles can be categorised in No. 1-2cm, 2-4cm, 4-8cm, 8-12cm

Other names under which these pebbles are available in the market are Red Pebbles.

Pebbles Eretria Red can be used for flower beds, roofs, wall coverings, garden decoration etc.

Placement: The placement is directly related to the use and is simple and easy.

Generally, pebbles are a good suggestion for garden decoration and landscaping.

Big Bag, Metal Cage, Plastic Bags, Bucket

1-2cm (3/8″x3/4″)
2-4cm (3/4″x1-1/2″)
4-8cm (1-1/2″x3″)

Uses: Landscaping, Decoration

Made in GREECE