Highest Quality Travertines Wolrdwide

Marble Expo S.A. invested in 2016 to a collaboration with one of the finest factories of travertine.

Europe can now use the best quality travertine for its projects in many different finishes and sizes.

Polished, honed & filler, honed & unfilled, brushed & filled, brushed & unfilled, bushhammered, tumbled.

30.5cm x 30.5cm x 1cm – 12”x 12”x 3/8”
45.7cm x 45.7cm x 1cm – 18”x 18”x 3/8”
61cm x 61cm x 1cm – 24”x 24”x 3/8”
30.5cm x 61cm x 1cm – 12”x 24”x 3/8”
45.7cm x 91.5cm x 1cm – 18”x 36”x 3/8”
61cm x 122cm x 1cm – 24”x 48”x 3/8”
Cut to size
Slabs available 2cm or 3cm

Worksite at Quarry.


We extract travertines from our own quarries.


The best Italian technology at our processing plant.


Strict quality control.


 Made in Peru

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