Amfipolis Stone – Tiles Hand Cut

The Hand Cut Amfipolis Stone (paving) are natural stones which are mined from our quarries of the Mountain Paggaio- Kavala.

Squared pieces with free width and the free length and with all peripheral sides carved by hand (not mechanical cutting). Top and bottom side with natural surface.

The thickness to those natural Stones is approximately 2.5-4cm. Their main color is grey but also with gray and beige shades.

For this product code, our company has specially marked with CE.

Amfipolis Stone (paving) is a natural product with handmade processing which gives the stone this unique natural beauty, High resistance to frost, high hardness, low degree of weathering and antiskid property, are some of the basic characteristics of the stone

Used for paving roads, squares, sidewalks, paving, landscaping.

In general Hand Cut Amfipolis Stone are low cost, handmade processed stones with unique beauty suitable for several uses.

wooden pallet or wooden box

Quantity per pallet: 20-25m2

a) Random Dimensions
b) Standar Size

Made in GREECE