Amfipolis Stone – Stenari

Stenari Sawn Amfipolis springs from Natural Stones Amfipolis. Those Natural Stones. are processed with special cutting machines (with diamond) and pressure presses.

The color of Natural Stones Amfipolis, in format: Stenari Sawn Amfipolis is brown, beige, gray and various shades of the pre mentioned colors.

For this product code, our company has specially marked with CE.

The dimensions of Stenari Sawn Amfipolis are free length, width about 5-10cm, and a thickness of about 5-10 cm.

Used for stone built walls, stone wall covering, masonry, stone houses, stone cladding and generally are suitable for many different stone structures.

Wooden Pallet or Wooden box


Thickness 6-10cm
Thickness 2,5-5cm
Thickness +10cm

Made in GREECE