Amfipolis Stone – Roof Tiles

Our roof tiles procuct is produced from Amfipolis Stone

The dimensions of Roof Tiles Amfipolis Stone are 30cm standard width with free lenght. The thickness is approximatelly 1-2cm. The facing side is hand splitted whereas the other three perimetrical sides are machine cut.

For this product code, our company has specially marked with CE.

The color of Roof Tiles Amfipolis Stone is grey and the shades of grey.

Roof Tile Amfipolis Stone application

Procucts application is easy because it’s already hand cut and its dimensions are fixed.

Roof Tile Amfipolis Stone Use:

Mostly, Roof Tiles Amfipolis Stone is used for covering traditional house roofs.

Due to the fact that this product is a natural stone, this kind of roof has huge benefits. The longliveness of Amfipolis Stone, the uniquness of the colors, the beauty of stone materials and the easy instalation makes Amfipolis Roof Tiles an ideal product for roof covering.


Width : 30cm
Free Length

Thickness: 1-2cm

Uses: Roof Slate

Made in GREECE