Amfipolis Stone – Random Slabs (BIG)

Amfipolis Stone – Random Slabs (BIG) are Natural Stones, splitted into thin sheets, after hammering process (with hammer or sledgehammer and metal wedges), in direction perpendicular to the direction of compression.
Those natural stones are mined from the quarries of our company located in the foothills of mountain Paggaio- Kavala.

For this product code, our company has specially marked with CE.
The color of Amfipolis Stone – Random Slabs (BIG) is gray and the shades of gray.
Amfipolis Stone – Random Slabs (BIG) is a Natural Stone can vary in dimensions and thickness under according to the client’s requirements.

High resistance to time and frost, high hardness, low degree of weathering and antiskid property, are some of the basic characteristics of the stone.
Used in stone roofs, stone floors, Garden steps, garden shaping decoration, stone stairs, etc.

In general if we take under consideration that as a Natural Stone has a natural beauty combined that to all the other advantages this material has such as low cost, we believe that it is a very good material suitable for several uses.

Wooden box

Thickness: 1,5-3cm, 3-5cm,

Type of slate: Slabs

Uses: Roof, Paving

Made in GREECE