Amfipolis Stone – Garden Steps Antique

Steps Amfipolis Antique are produced from polygonal Stone Amfipolis which are processed in vibration obsolescence bins. Can helps to design Landscaping and Garden.

There are two selections depending on the size.
a. Normal to Medium approximately 30x30cm
b. XXL to Medium size approximately 40x40cm
The Thickness is about 3-4cm.

The color of Steps Antique Amfipolis is grey and the shades of grey.

It is a material suitable for Landscaping and Garden Decoration. Easy and simple application and it is very hard with high resistance to frost, moisture, and generally time resistance.

Usage for Steps for lawn, garden decoration with stone, cobblestone etc.

In general the Steps Antique Amfipolis , in Normal or in XXl size are natural materials which give many suggestions and solution to Landscaping and Garden decoration.