Amfipolis Stone – French Pattern Grey (Split Cut)

Amfipolis Stone – French Pattern Grey (Split Cut) is a Natural Stone which is produced after processing Stone Panggeo with pressure presses.

Squared oblong pieces of stone AMFIPOLIS with width 20, 10 and 5 cm with free length and thickness of about 3-4 cm. Upon request we can produce them also in different thickness. The 4 perimeter sides are crushed with press and the other 2 are natural. The color of Amfipolis Stone – French Pattern Grey (Split Cut) is gray and the shades of gray. Installed easily without joints because the dimensions in width and 20, 10 and 5 cm. combined together.

It is suitable for flooring and wall coverings; also it has the beauty of the handmade and the beauty of natural stones in general. Used in paving stone, paving roads, squares, sidewalks, garage wall coverings.

Generally if we take under consideration that as our natural stones has a special beauty and in combination with the above mentioned advantages we think that is a very good product for flooring and wall coverings.

For this product code, our company has specially marked with CE.

Wooden pallet


5cm x Free Length
10cm x Free Length
20cm x Free Length

Thickness: 4-5cm (+/-)

Made in GREECE