Amfipolis Stone – Cubes Antique 10x10cm

Cubes Antique Amfipolis (or cobbles antique Amfipolis) is produced from the process of Amfipolis stone, firstly with pressing machines and then in vibration obsolescence bins.

The color of Cubes Antique Amfipolis (or cobbles antique Amfipolis) is grey and the shades of grey.

Are pieces of stone Amfipolis in dimension 10x10cm approximately and in thickness about 3-4cm.All sides surfaces are “antiqued” and also the perimeter sides are rounded. Other names under which this product is available in the market are Stone Antique Amfipolis.

A very pretty material with clear surfaces, high toughness, high resistance to time and to frost. Also a material which can be reused many times.

Used for wall coverings, stone paving, garages, sidewalk and squares, driveways, paths, stone flooring, landscaping etc.

Antique Amfipolis (or cobbles antique Amfipolis) can be used also in projects which need for paving paths in garden, or in traditional streets.

Wooden Pallet or Wooden box


10cm x 10cm

3-5cm Thickness

Made in GREECE