Amfipolis Stone – Cubes 15cmxFL

Cubes Grey Amfipolis Stone ( or Cobbles Amfipolis Stone ) are produced by Stone Amfipolis

The color of Cubes Amfipolis Slate 15xFL( or Cobbles Amfipolis ) is grey and the shades of grey.


a) To natural soil.

The natural terrain laid and concentrated very well. The laying of backfill material (3A) follows to obtain a flat surface and to provide the necessary gradients. (The new surface is concentrated very well also). On the new subbase cast sand with thickness of about 7-8 cm ,cubes are placed in any desired pattern. Joints “filled” with a mixture of sand – cement and wetted well. This way of installation is recommended for flat or slightly inclined surfaces.

b) To concrete surfaces

The substrate is concrete (new or old). Lightly armed (grid) if it is new. Place the cubes on the concrete surface with cement mortar (recommended is the use of resins). For the grouting can be used, cement or sand-cement mixture and “watered” with water. This way is recommended other than flat surfaces and surfaces with steep terrain.

Cubes Grey Amfipolis Stone ( or Cobbles Amfipolis Stone ) are very tough material also with High resistance to time and to frost.

Used in pavements, paving streets, squares, garage entrances, paths etc.

Big Bag


15cm x Free Lenght

Thickness: 3-5cm

Type of slate: Cubes / Cobbles

Uses: Paving

Made in GREECE